Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Shifting your operation to the cloud will allow for scalability and increased agility. As a proud partner of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we will administer a smooth migration from your on-premise network environment onto GCP and ensure that you benefit from the several features and applications that differentiate GCP in the market.

Adastra will help you move to a fully managed, serverless platform on GCP, ensuring reduced costs involved with kicking off an initiative, allowing your organization to deploy applications and intitiatives more quickly. In order to drive your sales and marketing strategies we will leverage GCP to provide a landing location for integrated customer data that can be made accessible to analysts across your organization.

GCP features which support data and infrastructure: 

  • Enables API connections to other Google platforms and third-party vendors to supplement data.
  • Stores and processes billions of rows of data for analysis.
  • Allows development of machine learning models through open source and updated algorithms.

Our Services

Risk Free Systems Migration

Leveraging Google’s Cloud Dataproc, a managed Hadoop and Spark environment, we will ensure a frictionless infrastructure migration from your current on-premise Hadoop cluster to GCP. Safeguarding against any associated risks while enabling you to run your workloads and utilize Hadoop tools with minimal adjustments.

Establish Centralized Data Source

Providing your organization with a cloud based, scalable repository, we will upload your data into Google’s BigQuery (PaaS). By establishing a centralized data source in BigQuery, teams across your entire organization can work with the data more rapidly and with greater agility than ever before. Different tools can then easily be deployed in a matter of days instead of what would normally take months on premises.

Reporting and BI Tool Implementation

Adastra will help you to implement reporting and BI tools leveraged by running on compute instances (IaaS) and providing the opportunity for internal and external reporting solutions. With an established centralized data source, you will be able to deploy tools within days rather than months on-premise.

Campaign Management

By integrating your customer and marketing campaign data from numerous sources onto the GCP platform we will facilitate the analysis of campaign success and implement modelling techniques to define targets for future campaigns. Additionally, leveraging the GCP environment, we will process your marketing data as well as encrypted CRM data to provide digital advertising automation, advanced analytics and lookalike modelling, thereby driving your marketing and sales strategies.