20. 08. 2021

Energy sector, are you ready to take off?

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Data is the new gold, and the Cloud is where you can find it. At first glance, this sentence might look like a very abstract poetry line, but it actually summarizes two of the most significant tech trends of the year – moving your business to the Cloud in order to get better and faster understanding of your data.

Is the energy sector missing the revolution?

Although Cloud computing has been adopted by a large number of industries, its use still proves disproportionally distributed across the marketplace. Some clusters have aggressively moved their assets to the Cloud, while others have been making a slow-paced transition in order to test the Cloud possibilities before investing further. The energy sector is one of the sectors where digital transformation has already become a foreseen priority. According to the latest Digital@EVU survey, 71% of the energy suppliers have already have or are planning to implement a digital strategy. Over 85% percent expect an increase in the digitization budget in the coming years. Some of the bigger energy suppliers have either moved entirely to the Cloud, trusted partial private Cloud solutions or have integrated hybridized technologies systems that use both Cloud and non-Cloud architectures. Others (and more precisely small and medium-sized energy companies) are so far hesitantly waiting.

This slow and cautious migration might, however, ensure the full range of benefits that Cloud computing can bring to the industry. Instead of following a big bang approach, you can gradually shift your systems and processes, learning from your experiences along the way. We can divide Cloud benefits for the energy companies in several types: strategic, operational, and Marketing and Sales.

Strategic benefits

In a severely regulated business environment, such as the energy sector is, the Cloud can raise the quality and the speed of decision-making processes based on valid data by multiplying them several times. And being faster is a strategic advantage. Alongside, your Cloud Migration will enable faster innovations, increased cost-efficiency, scalability, flexibility and security, and digital bases for shared platforms for boosted business opportunities.

Combining all this with being as precise as possible when accessing and analyzing data can bring you to a leading position in the sector.

Operational benefits

The integration of Cloud solutions increases the optimization of your company performance by replacing some physical operations with IT infrastructure – a process that reduces costs and human errors.

The integration of Cloud Data Analytics strategies will let you understand your customer behavior and market specifics better and in tiny details. On the basis of real-time data, producers, traders, and network operators can ensure

  • the precise forecast and intelligent control of energy feed-in and consumption (e.g. optimized trading strategies; intelligent grid control),
  • quality monitoring and predictive maintenance as well as
  • avoidance of grid expansion costs.

Marketing and Sales: Transferring your company prerequisites to the Cloud can bring a significant increase of sales and a more sophisticated thus better performance of your marketing activities. You can enhance your Churn Management, create better campaign planning, implementation and monitoring by in-depth analysis of your customer data.

Moreover, in a highly competitive ecosystem, customer satisfaction is what will make your business persistent to market fluctuations. Real-time Data Management in the Cloud will help you develop quicker, more efficient and individual customer services and enhance your products and services in order to live up to your clients’ needs.

Not moving to the Cloud might restrain businesses from the energy sector from all the potential benefits but rushing to the Cloud will not be a solution either: the Cloud transition should always take place after an in-depth assessment of the company’s readiness.

We, at Adastra Germany, have established a three-step framework that will prepare you for that move and make it in the shortest terms ever possible, so that you can rapidly experience the Cloud advantages.

Read about our methodology here.

So why choose Adastra?

With 20 years of both local and international experience, we are able to provide individually tailored solutions for any-sized company in the energy sector. Furthermore, we have:

Profound and extensive consulting experience in heavily regulated environments

Extensive consulting experiences in strategically top in international DAX-companies (especially for Cloud services and the development of data lakes)

Own best practice approach proven at renowned DAX-companies. Thanks to our success-proven frameworks, we do not lose time when starting a project.

With thorough competencies in any stage of the Cloud adoption, we can:

  • Build up Cloud from the scratch and connect it for further insightful analysis
  • Do end-to-end-solutions
  • Help you to start small without a significant financial and time investment

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