09. 06. 2021

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Ever since the world has changed and more and more shifted to the digital world, webinars have been sprouting from the ground like grass. The Covid-19 pandemic demanded from us all to be able to adapt to challenging situations and act in new and innovative ways. As a result, many companies participated in online events or hosted some themselves, showing their customers that digital transformation is an even hotter topic despite or especially because of the pandemic.

On 27th May 2021, Adastra Germany together with the two other Adastra entities Bulgaria and Slovakia hosted the online event Adastra Data Innovation Day for the first time. One aim was to offer participants the chance to experience something new and different. Thus, within an interactive virtual platform that was designed solely for this event, participants could create their own unique avatars. They could see, hear and experience the uploaded content at their own pace and according to their interest.

However, the main part of the event was made up of 15 presentations around three simultaneous streams – Cloudification, Cutting-edge Solutions and Business Innovations. According to the individual interests and business needs, one could build one’s own agenda. The streams guided through various hot topics, delivering interesting project insights, best practices and technical approaches that help companies drive innovations in their business.


The Cloud has turned from a nice-to-have to a must-have. This stream covered topics from the first steps in the Cloud to advanced Cloud excellence for maximum benefit.

Cutting-edge Solutions

Customer behavior often changes, making it critical to identify new trends. This stream showed possibilities to innovate and accelerate business with the latest technologies.

Business Innovations

Innovation often thrives during times of crisis and uncertainty. Best practices on how to foster innovation through technology were addressed in this stream, among others.

To give the participants the possibility to watch each presentation afterwards, the presentations were recorded. If you are interested in watching the recordings, simply click on this button.

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