Our Values

The Values that define Adastra

There is no secret ingredient for a sucessful business, Adastra is no different in that regard. Success comes through passion, effort, true expertise and the will to do great.

Adastra has a set of core values that define us as a company and more so: as professionals and human beings. Customers can expect 100% effort and dedication for their project, and that is not lip-service, that is how we have come to where we are. Luckily, you do not have to take our word for it, you can read what our clients say about us.

Employees can expect an environment that is conducive to personal and professional growth, an environment that is built upon knowledge-sharing, genuine teamwork and a culture of encouragement and appreciation. We strongly believe that success is only possible if people feel that they can communicate openly and everybody can pull in the same direction. We are a diverse company, culturally, as well as in regard to the technical backgrounds of our consultants. This diversity enables us to look at challenges from different angles and that makes us stronger as a team.

We have grown quite a bit since our beginnings, yet we are still embracing a family-like atmosphere in our company, where people like to come to work, like to share ideas and strive to deliver the best work possible. We achieve that by keeping flat hierarchies, agile workflows, providing relevant training continuously, and by treating each other and our customers with the utmost respect. At the end of the day, we are all in this together.

We do not believe in dogmatisim and know-it-all approaches, our consultants do not approach customers on a high horse. We see ourselves as partners of our clients, understanding their needs and helping them to find the best solution possible by learning from what they know about their business and bringing our own expertise to the table. This synergy of listening and enhancing is what makes projects work. In short: We are here to help and to be at the side of our clients.


That is the effort rate we expect from ourselves when working for our customers. Anything less will not do. We might not be the biggest player in the industry, but we can guarantee you: We will lead the competition in effort and enthusiasm!